Installation Guide


The following installation components are available:

Depending on your needs and purchased licenses, you will install a combination of these components. You can install them via the combined setup utility or manually using the individual setup files. The combined setup utility helps by showing you the current installation status for each component. Depending on this status, for each component you will see the "install", "uninstall" or "upgrade" buttons.

Fragment Studio

Install Fragment Studio on machines where you need to perform data acquisition, viewing, charting etc. After a trial period, you will have to enter a valid license key in order to use the program.

Iota Server

Install Iota Server on the machines where instruments are to be connected via RS232 ports or via TCPIP. In addition, Iota Server can be configured to act as a virtual instrument for testing purposes. As part of installation, two configuration files will be created, one default for a real instrument and one for a virtual instrument. This software does not require any licenses to function.

Web Update

Installing this program allows users to update all Cyionics software by downloading new versions from Internet, if a valid update subscription exists.


Install Maintenance application on a machine if you need to do one of the following:


Install Firebird if you have a valid multiuser license.


Each component can function independently, without any other component installed. The only exception to this rule is that if you have a multiuser license for Fragment Studio, Firebird must be installed. In order to access an instrument, Iota server has to be installed on the computer connected to the instrument. This computer has to be reachable via internet/intranet in order for Studio to connect to it. There is no required sequence of installation, you can install/uninstall components in any order.


The only software components which do not require database access are the Iota Server and Data Reviewer. Other components require either the embedded Firebird version (automatically installed along with the software component), or the full Firebird installation. Install full Firebird if you purchased the multiuser license(s). If you did not purchase multiuser licenses, the programs will use the embedded Firebird version regardless of whether full Firebird is installed.

Fragment Studio Database

All software components except for the Iota server can access the Fragment Studio database. This database can be created either with the Maintenance application, or from Studio. Please refer to documentation of those programs for more details.

Client-Server Concept

(multiuser license required)
In multiuser environment, the database is physically located on one PC (server) and is accessible from any other PC in the network, provided that the network is configured properly. Firebird listens on port 3050. Full Firebird has to be installed on all clients as well as the server.

Security database

(multiuser license required)
In multiuser environment, the user access information is stored in a special Firebird database, on the server. This database is in the file security.fdb, located in the Firebird's installation path. In order to use the multiuser features, this database has to be modified (extended). The modifications should not harm existing data or interfere with other Firebird-related applications. The modifications are carried out by the Maintenance application - please refer to its documentation for more details.

If you wish to access the security database from other computers (for example to add new users), you must define a Firebird alias which will point to the security database. This is done by adding a line to the file aliases.conf in the Firebird directory. The line should look something like
SEC=c:\Program Files\Firebird\security.fdb
where SEC is the name of alias and the path points to the security database.